Ever since hearing about this project and seeing him at Moondance Jam this past summer, I've been anxiously awaiting the completion of 'Wrote A Song For Everyone'. The track list is mostly CCR revamps, which in my opinion is a brilliant move.

Fogerty recently regained control of the publishing rights for the songs and when he performs them, they sound better than ever, so why not head into the studio and put a fresh spin on them, possibly making them as he had envisioned some 40 years ago.

But here's the really brilliant part; he's rounded up a cadre of 16 special guests, most notably Dave Grohl and his band, The Foo Fighters, Keith Urban (a pretty damn good guitarist) Bob Seger and Kid Rock. The project was supposed to be completed back in October, but the release date came and went. Then a few weeks ago, the Fogerty Camp said the album would be completed and ready for a drop on May 28th.

Earlier today he released a video with a behind the scenes peek.

C'mon John, I'm jonesin' for your new material! Stop teasing us and let it rock! You can pre-order the album on iTunes and get Fogerty and Kid Rock's new take on 'Born On The Bayou' instantly.