John Fogerty has been a front man and a solo artist. Now he's going to stretch his legs and try his hand at acting. Do you think this is a good idea?  The former Creedence Clearwater Revival lead singer will be making his acting debut in a new series on Fox called The Finder.

In an interview with Billboard, John Fogerty says that the part was written specifically for him and that he actually inspired the show's story line. The story starts out with John playing a musician who loses his guitar and John says that the guitar represents everything he has lost in his life. He eventually ends up meeting another musician named Walter that ends up getting the guitar back to John.

Not only will John be acting on the show, he is also performing the show's theme song called Swamp Water. The Finder premieres tomorrow night at 8pm on Fox.

In other Fogerty news, he is recording a stripped down version of the Creedence hit, Fortunate Son that will only be available for FREE download one week via his official website.

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