Yes, I'm serious. Omega Auctions Vinyl, Music and Film Memorabilia Sale is happening on November 5th in Stockport, England and they are going to have possibly the weirdest piece of history they have ever had up on the auction block. Yes, that would be John Lennon's tooth.

The beloved Beatles star actually gifted the tooth to his then housekeeper Dot Jarlett in the late 60's. At that time Dot was working for John at his Kenwood mansion in Surrey, England.

John was just standing in his kitchen one day with his tooth wrapped in a piece of paper. He handed it over to Dot to dispose of it, but quickly changed his mind and said "Or, as your daughter’s a Beatles fan, you can give it to her as a souvenir." So she did, and until now her daughter has kept it safe. A signed affidavit comes with the tooth to proves its authenticity.

A spokes person for the Omega Auction says she expects the tooth to bring in at least $16,000 but wouldn't be surprised if it brings in six figures.

Ok, John Lennon is cool and everything, but shelling out thousands of dollars for his tooth, really? That's just gross.