It took a little arm twisting, but legendary author Stephen King has agreed to be a part of a musical about a haunted piece of property in John Mellencamp's native Indiana. So, will Stephen himself be singing and prancing about?

The musical is called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and is set in Mississippi. The musical tells the story of two brothers who join their dad at the family cabin, which is said to be haunted. Apparently the spirits of their father's two brothers also roam the cabin. This project has been a real labor of love for John Mellencamp. He asked Stephen King to be a part of it back in 2008.

Genius producer T Bone Burnett will also be a part of the musical. He has 12 Grammy Awards to his name and has also made a name for himself by collaborating on several critically acclaimed movies.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County had its world premiere at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia last week and performances are scheduled through mid-May. No word on it the show will go on tour or move to a bigger city. I hope so. This sounds kind of interesting. I am a fan of both John Mellencamp and Stephen King. Put the two together and you just may have some magic. I still think it would be better if Stephen were singing.