An uninvited guest is trying to make his presence known at an upcoming Journey show, but they're having none of it, and no it's not Neal Schon's girlfriend's ex-husband. 

Tropical Storm Isaac is currently in the Gulf of Mexico and roaring toward Louisiana where Journey was expected to do a show with Pat Benetar and Loverboy tonight, but they have pulled the plug on the show due to the hurricane warning.

The storm, which is gathering steam in the gulf is expected to make landfall on Wednesday, but still, they aren't taking chances with forecasters predicting that Isaac will flood the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The concert was slated for tonight at the Cajun Dome, but has since been rescheduled for October. The Journey/Loverboy/Pat Benetar show for September 1 at the Minnesota State Fair will go on as planned.

In other Journey news, a recent interview with the members of the group say that fans may see a reunion yet.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, the guys say that "The door is always open" for Steve Perry to join them on stage, but that if a reunion tour ever did happen, "it would mean that it's the end for the band. Neal Schon says that the reunion tour would have to be in a time zone when we are feeling like we’re done. He’s certainly welcome to come and join us on stage any night that he would like. If he wants to come and do one song, half a song, a quarter of a song… anything would be fine with the band, I know that. The door is always open.”