The former manager for Judas Priest singer Rob Halford is suing him for $50 million dollars. Why and does he even have that kind of money lying around? 

According to an article in Rolling Stone Magazine, John Baxter who managed Judas Priest for 30 years has filed suit against Rob Halford for breech of contract, fraud and wrongful termination. The claim also states that for over 20 years, Halford intentionally withheld millions of dollars in commissions.

Baxter was fired in August via a letter sent from Halford's attorney. The letter stated that Baxter was not "acting in our clients' best interests." Halford said that Baxter blocked an application for a visa to come to the United States and that he also posted messages on Halford's website that caused strained relations with the other members of Judas Priest.

Baxter's attorney fired back at Halford's allegations stating that there was "no basis" for his client's dismissal and that the Judas Priest people have "their own agenda" and can't move forward "with Baxter in the middle."

An attorney with the firm that currently represents Halford is denying Baxter's allegations and Halford's current manager says they will contest Baxter's motion.