Except the crazy ones uttered by the certifiable Loony Toons that hijacked the Idaho Gubernatorial Debate last night.

Here we have four guys; two nuts (Wally Bayes, cranky-ass Santa impersonator, wrangler of 16 children.... and Harley Brown, a dude who is so amazingly well-named, that he has cigars poking out of one pocket of his leather vest and an iPhone with a Snapchat account with God in the other.), one slightly nutty Tea Partier Senator and the current Gov. Butch Otter, who I'm sure is hiding something, because no one with the name 'Otter' can be completely clean.

The hour long debate can be seen in the first video below, and it's worth it to watch just for the wacky, SNL-like introductions. It's pretty dull after that, but thank the internet nerds for chopping together an awesome super-cut, which you need to watch below the first video.

Now all we need is this sucker auto-tuned and we can move on...

Seriously. I want to move to Idaho right now.