I figured the result would have been Grumpy Cat, but I was wrong.

KISS loves to commercialize their products. There is everything KISS from onesies for your hard rockin' baby to a KISS coffin. Now, if you know kids who are in to Hello Kitty and want to introduce them to KISS, have I got a TV show for you.

KISS has formed a partnership with Hello Kitty to create a new animated series on the Hub Network - which is a network totally aimed at kids and has nice sanitary programming. I can't tell you the number of Saturdays that were too cold to go outside and I rewatched a Disney flick out of just pure joy of not having to get up and load it into the DVD player.

I had some ideas for names for the show, but apparently they've already decided on KISS Hello Kitty. The show will be coproduced by Gene Simmons who says that he's "incredibly excited" about the opportunity to make a show that their fans "can watch with the whole family."

No word on a premiere date just yet. Stay tuned.