You know you’ve made it when you get a guitar company to make a signature guitar with your name on it and now Tommy Thayer can add his name to the “made it” list. 

KISS guitar player Tommy Thayer has teamed up with Epiphone to create the Spaceman Les Paul guitar.

Tommy says that he wanted to create a guitar for musicians that was at the professional level that looked great, but that was also affordable. He actually modeled it after the one that he plays in concert. For the record, Tommy plays a Gibson Custom Shop LP guitar in concert. To buy one off the shelf, you’re going to have to cough up about four grand. Recently, though Tommy has been playing the Epiphone guitar that he designed and he says that he’s really happy with the look, sound and overall performance of it.

He should be. He created it. Who wants to tell the world, “Hey! Look everyone! I built a piece of crap!”

The official name of the guitar is the Epiphone Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul Standard. It has a silver flake body, three Gibson 498T Humbucker pickups and Grover Deluxe tuners. Epiphone is even throwing in a silver hard shell case and a studded leather strap.

No word on the price, but experts are pegging it at under a thousand dollars. The Epiphone Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul Standard guitar will be available later this year.