In a live YouTube webcast, KISS and Motley Crue announced their joint tour dates today. It begins on July 20th and ends on September 23rd. Included in the tour is a stop in the Twin Cities on August 29th at The Minnesota State Fair.

During the webcast,  members of the bands answered questions from the press. Gene Simmons waffeled on whether his A & E TV series would continue to film on the road, but when asked if there was anything new for the fans on tour, he joked that 'scientists' were working on a 3D verison of Tommy Lee's sex tape.

Paul Stanley addressed the length of the sets from each band, saying that both groups will be playing the 'meat' of their libraries during the 3+ hour shows.

When asked if the bands had a favorite tune the other would like to see performed, Crue's Tommy Lee asked KISS if they would perform Parasite ' just once for me.' Paul Stanley suggested that Crue play Wild Side.

You can catch a nearly 20 minute edit of the conference below-