Really guy who was surprised he found a finger in his fast food bag?

Ok, let’s set the scene.

You pull up to a rundown speaker and microphone. You hear a distorted voice say something, not sure what, so you just start rattling off something about burgers, fries, biggie size this, chunky size that, etc. Again, a voice comes through the speaker but you have no idea what he’s saying.

So, you slowly pull alongside a gray cement building until you see an opening in the wall with an arm reaching out holding a greasy, brown paper bag. You stop. You put $5.00 in the hand and grab the bag. You drive away, pull your car over and open the bag. As you reach in somewhere between your burgers and fries you notice a human finger at the bottom of the bag.

You can’t believe it!

So here’s where I would have to say, Really? After all that, you are shocked you found a finger in your bag? I’m more surprised when there’s NOT a finger in the bag. I mean Really!