Metallica's drummer moves out from behind the skins and gets in front of the lens. He's playing a filmmaker in a new bio pic about a legendary novelist. 

According to the website, Lars Ulrich will play a documentary filmmaker for an original HBO production about Ernest Hemmingway.

The made-for-tv movie will center on the relationship between Ernest and Martha Gellhorn, who will be played by Nicole Kidman. Clive Owen will star in the project as the eccentric Hemmingway.

This isn't the first time Lars has tried acting. He played a satirical version of himself last year in Get Him To The Greek, but Lars says he's not going to quit his day job any time soon. Metallica is set to be a part of the Big Four Concert in Indio, California next month with Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

And in an ironic twist, Napster founder Sean Parker is in talks to buy Metallica's record label. You may remember several years ago, Lars headed up a campaign against the free file sharing website. It's not clear when (or even if) the sale will actually take place.