Led Zeppelin have been gearing up for the Nov. 19 release of the live DVD/Blu-ray Celebration Day and now the group have posted the video clip for an epic live version of Kashmir as a cruel teaser.

If you were lucky enough to see the theatrical release of film at Parkwood Cinemas with the other 200 Loonies, you know this historic release is not only bursting with classic rock awesomeness, it's also a visual feast. Sure, the band members may look a little bit older -- okay, a lot older -- but they're playing and singing ridiculously well, and the cameras capture their every move and subtle nuance in crisp HD, with plenty of different angles intercut to appreciate Zeppelin in all their rock god glory. And since it's unlikely we're going to get any more reunions -- the band members ripped into reporters at a recent press conference for even asking the question -- this is about as close as we're going to get to the sheer majesty of 'Kashmir' live any time soon.

'Celebration Day' is slated to drop on Nov. 19 in multiple formats.