Here it comes and it's going to sound so good as Rush is to release '2112' in 5.1 surround sound.

'2112' in surround sound is the deluxe edition and is to be released December 18th, since 1976 when the original was released it's been a long time coming.

The Track List:


A Passage To Bangkok

The Twilight Zone, Lessons


Something For Nothing

'2112' was was re-released last year as a part of 'Sector One' the box set but that isn't in surround sound (5.1).

Just a tip but if to really get a bonus on the sound when listening to the  '2112' 5.1 wear a headset and your ears will explode with total quality sound of this amazing band.

Rush still currently touring in support of their, 'Clockwork Angels' album and if they by chance come back through the Twin Cities it's worth a second go.

Congratulations once again for their nomination into the Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame.