Whatever your favorite song may be, listening to it has numerous health benefits. Check it out. 

Apparently it doesn't matter what your favorite song is, listening to it reduces the activity in the part of your brain that is associated with negative feelings.

It also is known to lower your blood pressure. Researchers in Italy (who were no doubt swilling wine at the time) found that listening to your favorite song and breathing slowly for 30 minutes every day lowered the blood pressure in some of the test subjects by as much as four points.

It can reduce tension, which goes along with the blood pressure. A different study found the just listening to music for 30 minutes a day lowers your stress hormone even more than just sitting quietly and relaxing listening to nothing. Breathing deep when listening to your favorite music can reduce anxiety levels even more than a regular massage.

Listening to your favorite song can help you deal with pain. This study is really messed up, but, at the University of Utah, 143 people volunteered to be electronically shocked while they listened to music and researchers found that tuning in to musical melodies made the sharp pain easier to deal with.

What's your favorite song?

Mom and Dad, if you're reading this, thank you for filling the house with music.