David Lee Roth has been giving crazy interviews lately and he's spilled the beans about some pretty personal issues. Here are a few little known facts about David Lee Roth.

In an interview with the Brisbane Times, David Lee Roth revealed his first kiss was with someone who was "way out of his league". He says it was a "skinny blonde girl. I shoveled [poo] behind a stable as a kid." He said he was 13 and they "made out" behind the stables.

David Lee Roth says he has had "many great loves" but he has never been married, and likely never will tie the knot. He says he still remains friends with his ex girlfriends from the past and many of them are now married. He isn't naming names because "they have private lives" but adds that "the lines on my forehead are named after them." Charming.

Speaking of love, Dave lives in Japan now and is in love with a girl who's half his age. He says that moving to Japan was "not an impulsive move". His girlfriend is Japanese and that getting married still isn't in the cards for him. He has "issues" and calls himself "a wanderer" but that the Roths "have always settled down later in life."

One final piece of DLR wisdom; "I enjoy people, even the people I hate."