ST. CLOUD -- A Princeton man has been charged with making bomb threats at five St. Cloud area locations and stalking his ex-girlfriend. Thirty-one-year-old Matthew Hull is charged with five felony counts of terroristic threats and a felony count of stalking.

According to the criminal complaint, Hull was contacting the woman and making threats on June 4th. A week later Hull allegedly added himself to her cellphone account then canceled it. The following day, Hull is accused of contacting her through various Facebook accounts and told her to talk to her family because she would soon be on life support.

Records show Hull then called in a bomb threat to the St. Cloud Walmart and five days later called in bomb threats to the St. Cloud Library, Sartell Walmart, Cash Wise East and St. Cloud Hospital. In those cases, Hull is accused of trying to disguise his voice to sound like a woman and gave his ex-girlfriend's name.

Police located Hull Sunday in Princeton and arrested him.

Court records show Hull eventually admitted to making the phone calls and threatening messages.

Hull has a court hearing scheduled for July 14.