Craziness on The Morning Sideshow as we discussed how a man tried to get get eaten by a white tiger, com'n man

China Photos/Getty Images

Yang Jinhai apparently jumped into a white tigers caged to get eaten. Thinking if the tiger had a little BBQ sauce he might have taken the guy up on it.

The man felt for the tiger being caged up and not being allowed to survive in it's own habitat using it's hunting and killing skills, so he decided to make it easy for the tiger thinking he could be the meal when he jumped in the cage he a bag full of rice with him. Probably as a side dish.

Mr. Jinhai tried many different ways to provoke the beast, one way was dancing in the cage.

Actually the tiger thought he was lost and confused by the man, eventually it started to drag Yang around then left him with a few scratches. The tiger was tranquilized and Yang was apprehended and sent to a psych ward.

Bottom line the tiger wasn't hungry he had already eaten. Bad day for you when you can't even get eaten by a tiger.