The album, 'Golden Heart' Mark's debut album wasn't released until 1996 which was a year after Dire Straits called it quits a second time.

'Golden Heart' LP, Wikipedia

Being a rock star there's a lot of pressure and a fast pace type lifestyle, so on that note Mark took a year or so of time off to regroup.

He took his time writing and thinking of touring again, in fact; the album 'Golden Heart' was already in the works a couple of years prior to it's release. It faired a lot better in the U.K where it charted at #9 than the U.S. as it scratched the surface at #105 as an album.



Original CD Track List:

  1. "Darling Pretty"
  2. "Imelda"
  3. "Golden Heart"
  4. "No Can Do"
  5. "Vic and Ray"
  6. "Don't You Get It"
  7. "A Night In Summer Long Ago"
  8. Cannibals"
  9. "I'm The fool"
  10. "Je Suis Desole"
  11. "Rudiger"
  12. "Nobody's Got the Gun"
  13. "Done With Bonaparte"
  14. "Are We In Trouble Now"

The solo albums are what we look into as we view the contributions to his success.

Mark Knopfler live in Sweden performing, "Golden Heart":