Mark Knopfler 2007,YouTube

Mark is a master storyteller by way of his songwriting style, yet sometimes we overlook that because of his high level skill at playing guitar, his album 'Kill to Get Crimson' exemplifies both.

'Kill To Get Crimson' LP, Wikipedia

She may or may not have been a big influence on this album but Mark had just a good year touring and recording with Emmylou Harris. A similar style with her roots influenced style as a singer songwriter.

This album did pretty well on the charts #26 in the U.S. and #9 in the U.K.





Original CD Track List:

  1. "True Love Will Never fade"
  2. "The Scaffolder's Wife"
  3. "The Fizzy and The Still"
  4. "Heart Full of Holes"
  5. "We Can Get Wild"
  6. "Secondary Waltz"
  7. "Punish the Monkey"
  8. "Let It All Go"
  9. "Behind With The Rent"
  10. "The Fish and the Bird"
  11. "Madame Geneva's"
  12. "In The Sky"

The solo albums are what we look into as we view the contributions to his success.

Mark Knopfler performing live in Switzerland 2007, "Fizzy and The Still":