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Mark's fourth solo album 'Shangri-La' didn't get into gear until roughly after seven months in recovery and rehabilitation from a motorcycle wreck in 2003.

'Shangri-La' LP, Wikipedia

After his wreck he was left with a broken shoulder, collar bone and ribs which actually was the inspiration of one of the songs on the album, "Don't Crash The Ambulance."

The remaining songs played tribute to some very interesting people like the boxer Sonny Liston, Elvis Presley and Lonnie Donegan (singer from Scotland).

The album charted at #11 in the U.K. and at #66 in the U.S.



Original CD Track List:

  1. "5:15 A.M."
  2. "Boom, Like That"
  3. "Sucker Row"
  4. "The Trawlerman's Song"
  5. "Back To Tupelo"
  6. "Our Shangri-La"
  7. "Everybody Pays"
  8. "Song For Sonny Liston"
  9. "Whoop De Doo"
  10. "Postcards From Paraguay"
  11. "All That Matters"
  12. "Stand Up Guy"
  13. "Donegan's Gone"
  14. "Don't Crash The Ambulance"

The solo albums are what we look into as we view the contributions to his success.

Mark Knopfler performing live in London 2005, "Boom, Like That":