In 1995 Dire Straits had broken up for the final time, Mark Knopfler (lead guitar,lead vocals,lead songwriter), well he carried on with his career doing what he'd been doing and that was continuing some music projects he'd already started.

Multi-talented is an understatement when describing Mark, while Dire Straits was still rockn', Knopfler had composed five of his eight movie scores, he produced four albums three of which were for Bob Dylan, Randy Newman and Willie DeVille.

Mark has appeared on over 50 albums of other artists, again while Dire Straits were together. He pursued a solo career after 1995 when the band dissolved.

Knopfler ranked #27 in the Top 100 guitarists of all time per Rolling Stone.

Both Dire Straits and Mark's solo albums total sales of more than 120 - million worldwide.

The solo albums are what we look into as we view the contributions to his success.