Bicycles have a lot of advantages! They cut down on your fuel costs, they help out the environment, and they also gives you a lot of exercise!

So, in honor of May being National Bike Month, check out the proper safety hand signals to use while bicycling!

Besides always wearing a helmet, it’s important you know the right hand signals for turning left and right, and for stopping.


Signaling LEFT is pretty darn easy. Just stick your left arm out straight, parallel to the ground.


The RIGHT signal is a little more tricky. With your left arm, stick it out like you're signalling left with your elbow bent at a right angle and your forearm vertical to the ground. Your fist is pointing straight up toward the sky. Basically, your left arm looks like the letter L.


This signal is one of the most important. Let anyone who may be behind you know you’re about to SLOW DOWN or STOP by placing your upper left arm parallel to the ground and your forearm down toward the ground. Basically, it is the opposite of the right-turn signal.