Many of us know that McDonald's fries are amongst the best in the business, but for some, the ketchup used to dip the delicious fried potato makes the fry even better.  Believe it or not the brand of ketchup does make a difference.  I for one agree with that and favor Heinz ketchup.

If you too are a ketchup connoisseur, you will be angered to find out that McDonald's has ended their more than 40-year deal with Heinz, and will be replacing it with another brand.  WHAT??

Apparently they are citing "management changes" at Heinz as they reasoning behind the changes.  You see, the new CEO of Heinz  is the former CEO of Burger King, the biggest rival of McDonald's.

It seems odd to me that McDonald's would potentially jeopardize it's business because of a feud with a rival burger company.  I could see it being a problem if the new CEO of Heinz was still in charge at Burger King, but he's not.  It seems a big childish to me.

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