The nominees for the Class of 2013 R0ck and Roll Hall of Fame inductions have been announced and this year, something is new and improved about it. 

Last week, the list of possible inductees was announced. Let's meet the nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

First, one of my favorites: Deep Purple. They were absolute pioneers in their brand and genre of rock. No one had done what Jon Lord did with the Hammond organ and I'm sorry, but they invented heavy metal. This is their first time on the list of possible inductees and I will leave a flaming bag of poop on the steps of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if they don't get in.

There are two disco acts who are on the list and I'm sorry but disco is not rock. Casey Kasem even said that "Disco is the pop music of tomorrow." Pop. Not rock. However, I will make an exception for the late Donna Summer. She was just groovy. She was a hard worker, had 19 number one songs and three consecutive  number one double albums. Disco act Chic also made the list. They were also up for induction last year, but didn't get in.

Up for possible induction again this year is Heart. They were on the list last year, but didn't make it in and I thought that was really too bad. They were rocking pretty hard in the 1970's and when MTV came along they managed to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and in the process scored 20 top 40 hits along the way.

Another hard rocking female act who I felt was snubbed last year was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. She started out in the all girl rock group The Runaways and made a name for herself with a solo career throughout the 80's and has attributed her success into not thinking about stuff too much.

Procol Harum is likely most remembered solely for A Whiter Shade of Pale but it's a great song. They were part of the early prog-rock movement. Sure, it's more classical music than anything, but Procol Harum was able to fold R&B, rock, symphonic styling, blues and soul into their music.

You may not know Randy Newman by looking at him, but watch any family friendly film and you will likely hear a song that Randy either wrote or sang. He has been nominated for 20 Oscars (he won twice). He also has three Emmys and five Grammys to his name.

Others up for possible induction: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Meters, The Marvelettes, Kraftwerk, blues man Albert King, and rappers NWA and Public Enemy.

Last, but not least, Rush. It's about time. They are giants among legends and deserved this honor a long, long time ago. Each and every year that would pass and Rush wasn't even on the list for possible consideration, I would just get angrier and angrier. It made me feel like I felt when Jethro Tull (nothing against Jethro Tull) stole the Grammy from Metallica for best Hard Rock or Metal Performance in 1989 (which, by the way was the first AND last time the award was handed out) and I know I'm not alone, but that's all about to change.

This year for the first time, the fans are going to be allowed to vote on who makes it in to the Rock Hall and who doesn't. If you want Rush, Deep Purple and Procol Harum to be in the hall, but not Chic, NWA and Kraftwerk, tell them. 

You can vote for five acts that you would like to see in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Initial fan voting closes on December 3. Then, the top five vote getters will go on a "Fan's Ballot" that you can vote on starting in mid December.

Who will you be voting for?