Bono and The Edge have their next gig all lined up, but it's not in front of a screaming crowd. It's in front of a jury. 

The fight is on between Bono and The Edge, Spider Man producers and director, Julie Taymor.

Bono and The Edge have a date in a Manhattan court as they are being sued for creative rights and control over their Broadway musical Spider Man: Turn off the Dark as no one can come to agreement.

Julie says in an article with the New York Times that she was fired from her directing position, so she filed suit against Bono, The Edge and the producers saying that they were making money off of her ideas. The producers filed a countersuit against Julie alleging that she was fired for breaching her contract.

The suits say that everyone is trying to work things out, but it doesn't sound like they're going to be able to reach a deal before their May 28th court date.