We all know a guy that frequently does things that make us think, "wow what an a-hole, he makes us all look bad." And if you don't know a guy like that, it might be you. Yesterday there was a discussion on Reddit that listed the top things that make guys hate guys.

Here are the top responses:

  1. Suddenly turning into a stereotypical alpha male as soon as women are around.
  2. Blocking another guy when he's successfully talking to a woman.
  3. Hitting on someone else's girlfriend right in front of them.
  4. Leaving public restrooms a disgusting mess.
  5. Talking or bragging about cheating on their wife or girlfriend.
  6. Being racist, sexist, or homophobic, and just assuming you'll be on board.
  7. Trying to have sex with women on the first date, then holding it AGAINST them if it happens.
  8. Complaining everywhere you go because there aren't enough women, then not talking to women once you move to another place.

Alright guys, there's list. We could all probably add a thing or two to it. Carry on.