And, I don't mean that our cooking is so good that it turns them on. Nope, guys in the kitchen infuriates 'em. My first reaction is, "Fine, I'll stay out of the kitchen and you can do it yourself." Here are the top ten things we do in the kitchen that irritates the hell out of women.

  1. Making a mess when we're cooking.
  2. Not helping with the dishes even when we cooked.
  3. Offering cooking advice like a backseat driver.
  4. Watching over their shoulder while they're cooking.
  5. Adding ingredients and interfering behind her back.
  6. When we're a better cook than she is.
  7. Our cooking tastes awful.
  8. We takes too long to make things.
  9. Posting photos of meals we cook on Facebook.
  10. Hogging the kitchen and refusing to let her cook.

Most of these feel like petty bitching to me. Be careful for what you wish for. I'll happily stay out of the kitchen. (But I do enjoy cooking.) How about I cook and you clean?