For some guys balding is the worst thing that could happen to them.  I actually know a couple of them - they do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to mask their balding head. For me it's just part of getting old.  There's not much we can do about the genes we were given.  Some of us have better genes than others and either won't go bald or at the very least will bald at a slower pace than others.  Then there are the guys who start balding in high school.  I have a few of those friends that started to bald in high school and now are completely bald.  The nice thing for guys is we can get away with wearing hats.  And that's just what a lot of guys do.

The whole theory on hats is still debated.  I was once told that wearing a hat would cause balding but, I'm not sure that is really the case.  Although I do feel that my many years of wearing hats (which I still do daily) has in fact cause a bit of pre-mature receding hairline.

For those who are losing hair or who have lost their hair already there are many options.  You can get hair implants, spray on hair, or take Rogaine.  But now the new trend is getting hair tattooed on your skull.  WTF?  Really?

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