In the early 80's Metal in America was flourishing, bands like Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax were just getting started and there were many others waiting in wings.

One of the bands that exemplified "Metal" was "Armored Saint".   The California-based band chose the more Medieval look over the rising "glam" style that was also taking off in LA.  Ironically their music wasn't really about knights and wizards but more about real life situations and was on a more emotional level.

They has a slight misstep with their second release "Delirious Nomad" when the label tried to make them more mainstream.  But they returned to true Metal form for their 1987 release "Raising Fear".

Even though their 1991 release "Symbol Of Salvation" was perhaps their best and most "mature" release, they felt the pressure of the changing scene and disbanded.  But thanks to the internet and world-wide support they have had renewed success in the 2000's.

Here's their very first video for "Can U Deliver"