Most Metalheads would say that "Black Sabbath" are the true kings of Heavy Metal.  Their debut was darker and heavier than anything out there at the time.  Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple were more bluesy than the strait forward riffs of Black Sabbath.  Ozzy Osbourne's eerie delivery gave a haunting melodic twist to the music.  Tony Iommi's heavy drudging riffs are copied to this day.  They spawned over many genre's of rock over the years, from traditional Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock and Metal, Doom, Death and Black Metal, they all took  elements of Black Sabbath and made it their own.

Last month, Black Sabbath announced that their long-awaited album ‘13‘ would be released on June 11. Yesterday they revealed the cover art,.

So many bands have taken their cue from Black Sabbath.  One of the more obvious ones is Sweden's "Candlemass".  Here's a video they did for their song "Bewitched" back in the 80's. The video is mostly comical (not on purpose) but it get's a little too weird after awhile and gives you the creeps.