Crimson Glory starting off in the late 70's as more of a Progressive Rock band and eventually evolved into a Prog-Power Metal band by the late 80's.  They never achieved mainstream success like Queensryche, but their influence on Metal stretched across the globe.  1988's "Transcendence" is often mentioned in the same breath as "Operation Mindcrime" among other musicians of the genre.

They were far more theatrical than many of their peers.  They wore silver masks and never quite fit into the "big hair" mold, even though they got caught up in the fashion themselves. Lead singer "Midnight" had one of the most amazing vocal ranges as well, it was like nothing we hear in modern rock.

The band met a similar fate as most in the early 90's as most Metal bands did in the U.S., but reformed in the late 90's after international scene exploded and the demand for traditional Power and Progressive Metal returned.

Lead singer Midnight passed away in 2009 from a stomach aneurysm.  Later in his career he experimented with different styles of music, perhaps one of the more interesting things he did.  It was Midnights "Funeral song". He wanted it to be played at his funeral service, which it was.

 Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover)