The Late Ronnie James Dio is a legend in the world of Rock and Metal.  From his early days in the blues-based "Elf" to his amazing work in "Rainbow" and "Black Sabbath" and of course in "Dio", he always delivered top-notch quality music.  Many have tried to replicate his vocal style but very few can capture the emotion and charisma.  He was small in stature but had a huge heart and a massive voice.  Of course Dio has also been credited for creating the "devil horns" which you still see everywhere.

Here's the video from his first solo release, the title track from "Holy Diver"

Ronnie James Dio was active until 2010 before he succumbed to cancer.  Here's a video from 2002 for "Push" featuring Jack Black and "Tenacious D".

I mentioned Dio had influenced of generations of artists, especially across Europe.  One of the better ones is Sweden's "Lionshare".  Here they are from 2009's "Dark Hours" with "Judas Must Die".