Believe it or not there's a genre called "Folk Metal" and Italy's Elvenking is one of the biggest names.So, what is "Folk Metal"?  Well, it's Heavy Metal with some traditional instruments like violins, fiddles and other traditional tools of the trade.  It goes way back to the dark ages and the medieval days.

The style is wildly popular in Europe, not so much in the America's where we don't relate to the style.  The genre started in early 1980's but didn't do much until the British band "Skyclad" took it farther.  In turn they influenced many other like "Elevenking" who have really pushed the genre forward.

In all fairness, Elvenking is more than just "Folk Metal", they experiment with other styles and at times are a strait up Metal band.

Of course we must add a video from the pioneers of the "Folk Metal" movement Skyclad.