I had the pleasure of watching this band come from a four-song demo to a full-blown monster Power Metal band who's guitarist would eventually wind up playing with Ozzy!Greece native Gus G. was one of the hottest young guitarists in the late 90's.  He started "Firewind" as a way to get a few of his songs out there.  He worked with David Chastain at Leviathan Records to put a band together with some American players.

After two critically acclaimed releases Gus G. wanted the band to be more of a priority, but having guys from all over the world in the band was problematic.  So for their third release "Forged By Fire" they basically became a full-blown Greek Metal band, and then things exploded for them.   Bigger tours, festivals and enough attention for Ozzy Osbourne to replace Zack Wylde in his solo band.

Check out "World On Fire" from their 2010 release.

Here's Gus G. on Ozzy's video "Let Me Hear You Scream"