Hammerfall are one of Sweden's biggest Metal bands and have been more than a decade now.  They were one of the new bands that helped Metal achieve new heights in the new millennium.Guitarist Oscar Dronjak had the idea for the band as far back as 1993 when Metal was really struggling.  After putting together a solid lineup that included singer Joacim Cans, they put out their first release "Glory To The Brave" in 1997.

Most Metal bands were trying to reinvent themselves or taking time off in the mid-90's, so when Hammerfall came out with a strait-up traditional Heavy Metal album, it was a bit of a surprise.  But it really took off and fans around the world quickly jumped on board.  This was really the second wave of Metal in the late 90's and it really hasn't let up thanks to the internet and world-wide support.

Hammerfall has some critics of course, many heavier bands discounted them, but they have only gained more success and each album seems to keep getting better.

From their last release "Infected" this is the video for "One More Time" that's having a little fun with the current zombie craze.