Norwegian Jorn Lande is one of Metal and Hard Rock's most respected vocalists.  He's worked the biggest and best around the world. Lande constantly captures the spirit of the 70's and 80's Classic Rock we all know and love.  His career started in the early nineties with members of "TNT" and continued with several other well-known bands overseas like Ark and Masterplan.

Around 2000 he started to do more solo material and he already has a massive library of amazing work.  He's done several live releases too that really show how strong of a vocalist he is.

There will be certain comparisons to Ronnie James  Dio and David Coverdale, but I doubt Lande would ever be upset about them.  After all, those are two of his idols.  He even did a complete tribute to Ronnie James Dio after his death.

His latest release on Frontiers Records is called "Traveller" and from the title-track it sounds like a more gritty and blues-based released than some past material.  Check it out below and be sure to visit Lande's website here.

"Song For Ronnie James"