There's a few different stories about how this band was formed in the mid-80's. But whatever the case, their debut in 1988 went platinum behind songs like "Get It On" and "Living Out Of Touch".  I can't tell you home many people over the years thought Led Zeppelin had reformed when they first heard them.  German-born Lenny Wolf is a dead-ringer for Robert Plant, but the music was much more similar to Whitesnake and also reflected the 80's groove that was going on at the time.

Lenny Wolf has kept the name "Kingdom Come" and has continued to pump out music ever since.  He has a new release called "Outlier" out and it's a more modernized version of the band.  Other than his signature style singing the band sounds quite different than the early days, but true fans of the band will be pleased.

New stuff from Kingdom Come "God Does Not Sing Our Song".