Kreator are one of the pioneers of the "Death Metal" movement.  Along with fellow German Countrymen "Sodom" and "Destruction", Kreator tore a path open for heavier bands to have worldwide success.Early in their career they were all about Thrash, their sound was very raw and abrasive.  It's really amazing to hear the progressive of the band over 13 years.  Now they are a well-oiled machine and still one of the most respected bands in the Thrash/Death genre.

Kreator wasn't afraid to experiment a little either, they have done some industrial stuff with more gothic overtones, but it's all been extremely heavy.  "Mille" Petrozza has been the one consistent in the band over the years and his writing had just improved over the years.

From 2009 here's the title track off "Hordes Of Chaos".