"Leatherwolf" had a pretty strong following for awhile in the mid-80's.  Perhaps their problem was they were too pretty to be a serious "Metal" band but yet too heavy to be a true "Hair" band.

Musically they were more on the Metal side of things, at one point they had three guitarists and were sharing the same stage as Metallica and even Slayer.  The label however tried to  market them as more of a party rock band and they never really struck gold with either audience.

"Street Ready" in 1989 has some very strong Power Metal anthems on it and even though their career in the 80's was relatively short they maintained a strong audience and are still around today.

Here's their first single "The Calling"  from 1987.

"Leatherwolf" also was part of the cult-favorite movie "Return Of The Living Dead" with a contribution to the soundtrack.