The 80's LA scene pumped out an overload of Hair Metal, most of them embracing the 70's Glam and following in the footsteps of Aerosmith, Sweet and T. Rex.  However, there was also a fairly strong underground Metal scene brewing too, and shock-rocker Lizzy Borden was at the helm.

Imagine Alice Cooper meets Judas Priest and you'll have a good idea of what Lizzy Borden was doing.  He and his band started more heavy and into the leather, but like most 80's bands they saw the scene moving towards a more female-friendly sound and over-the-top stage costumes and over course the hair.

Lizzy Borden is still going strong today with a very big European following.  The music has remained heavy and sinister with some industrial elements.  Here's their first venture into the mainstream Metal scene with "Me Against The World" off "Visual Lies".