Manowar is synonymous with Heavy Metal around the world.  The New York-based band came onto the scene in the early 80's wearing loin cloths and oiled-up bodies on the cover of their debut.  Over the years the Americans have generally made fun of the band but the rest of the world from Europe to South America hail them as Metal Gods.

They are probably one of the more no-nonsense bands out there and appear to be the real deal, they never stray from their belief in Metal and treat it as a religion.  Yes, they were certainly influenced by Judas Priest, but they took the medieval and fantasy aspect of Metal to a new level and it's still very strong overseas.

They made very few videos and "Blow Your Speakers" from "Fighting The World" was really their only attempt to break into mainstream radio, even though the song basically bashes MTV and radio with a middle finger in the air.

Heavy Metal bands from around the world have taken their cue from Manowar.  Sweden's Hammerfall are one of the worlds biggest now, they combine elements of many classic Metal bands will putting their own spin on the music.