"Nitro" only had two releases out but their completely over-the-top style made a lasting impression on the world of Rock and Metal.Jim Gillette probably had the biggest hair in L.A. in the mid to late 80's, I still don't know how he achieved that.  But even more impressive was his singing style.  Apparently he was a fan of Judas Priest and even took opera lessons to reach insane heights in his vocal range.

The production of the band was also unique as it sounded like he layered his voice several times and they implemented gang vocals to blend with his falsetto voice.  Gillette's style was not for everyone, but it certainly stood out and got attention and made "Nitro" one of the more unique bands out there.

The other part of the band was Michael Angelo, one of the fastest and stylish guitarists out there.  He would bring out his four-headed guitar and do some absolute shredding during the songs.  He's often been regarded as one of Metal's fastest players.

Overall "Nitro" was just that, explosive and theatrical.  They tamed down slightly for the second release (at least the look) and even covered Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever".

Gillette remained in the music business and eventually married Lita Ford.

"Freight Train"

"Cat Scratch Fever"