Slayer is universally one of the most respected band in Heavy Metal, and when I say "universally" I mean almost every genre has respected them for their contributions.They started in 1981 with guitarist Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman and soon after bassist and singer Tom Araya.  At first they were extreme with the spikes, leather and Satanic imagery.  They were fast as hell and they seemed louder than any band out there.

It took them awhile to get out of the underground by by the late 80's and into  the 90's they were one of Metal's biggest names.  Rumors are they've sold over 20 million records worldwide.  Not bad for a band will little or no radio exposure.

They had a major influence on Death, Trash, Speed and Black Metal and every genre in between.  They never suffered from the grunge era and if fact thrived during it.  They never followed trends and they stayed true to what they did.

For some the Satanic messages and overtones were a bit much to take, but regardless of that they became an amazingly talented band.  They have always been controversial, pushing buttons to get a reaction and make people think, the band has always denied any link to Satanism, white supremacy or any other of the accusations people have man.

Unfortunately guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away in 2013 from liver failure so the original lineup will never be there again and there are doubts whether they will put any new material out in the future.

The video for "Seasons OIn The Abyss" from 1990.