Uriah Heep doesn't quite get enough credit for their influence on the world of Heavy Metal.   Their early material was very artsy, dark, heavy and experimental.  They were a heavy influence on the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in the late 70's early 80's as well as a lot of European bans.  Their stories of Wizards and fantasy set the tone for many Metal bands to come.

Uriah Heep - Bird Of Prey

Listen to King Diamond from Sweden, tell  me his vocals aren't eerily similar to David Byron's work.

Uriah Heep has had many incarnations with guys coming and going, which may be why it was difficult for them to maintain themselves as more powerful force.  But Mick Box has held together the band their entire existence.  Here's a recent track from the band showing they can still rock it out!

Uriah Heep:  "Hit The Nail On The Head"