Y&T started in the mid to early 70's in Oakland California.  They were officially called 'Yesterday & Today' but it was shortened by their third release.

That's when the band started becoming more of and "Anthem Rock" band and following more in the tradition of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.   It's hard to believe they really went unnoticed until well into their career in 1983 when "Mean Streak" broke into  the U.S. Charts.

Their next few releases broke the Billboard 100 and they eventually spawned a "Pop" Metal hit with 'Summertime Girls'.  It was a slight departure for the band who was known more for their gritty, down and dirty rock style.  They certainly had an influence on many bands over the years even though they never became a household name.

"In Rock We Trust" was their highest charting album in 1984, this was the release "Don' Stop Runnin'".