Who can forget the fire storm of controversy and back lash that Lars Ulrich started when he attacked Napster and its founder Sean Parker? Well, they may have kissed and made up.

Let's recap: Back in 2000, Metallica, and more specifically Lars Ulrich got his knickers in a twist over Napster sharing music files for free and sued Napster and its founder Sean Parker for ten million dollars. That led to Napster ultimately folding, but then Sean got on board with Facebook in its early days and Sean making his money back and then some. Well, Sean is back at it with the free music streaming service Spotify and of course he's enjoying enormous success with it because instead of just letting people share files, labels and artists have to give their permission to be a part of the service and now it sounds like Sean has formed an unlikely friendship with none other than Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

The two were spotted at an event for Spotify in New York on Thursday. This wasn't just any old Spotify event and Lars just showed up to support his friend. This was a Spotify event to announce that the entire Metallica catalog is now available for streaming on Spotify, "effective immediately".

Lars cleared the air at a discussion held during the event saying that the lawsuit wasn't even about the fact that their fans were sharing Metallica's music. He said that it all came down to "control". "We wanted to control what was going on with our music, because that's what we'd always done. It became Metallica against its fans, which was never the point." Lars said that he was always a fan of Spotify and it wasn't that the group was "holding out". Lars says that they had to wait until they had all of their master tapes from Warner, which they got last week.