While Metallica isn't exactly hitting the road officially next year, they have confirmed one date for 2013 and it's actually not too far of a drive.

The Orion Music Festival and More was a smashing success this past summer in New Jersey, so it's really no shock that organizers have announced the 2013 festival with repeat headliners Metallica.

No other acts besides Metallica have been officially announced, but then again, do you really care? It's Metallica for chrissakes. The other piece of good news is that Orion will move around from summer to summer and summer 2013 the Orion will be held in Detroit. It's not that far of a car ride and it's kind of a hell hole so flights are cheap.

This is not a "rumored" or "reported" date. Kirk Hammet even said after Orion last year that their intention was to do another show. The 2013 dates are confirmed for June 8 and 9.

Check out the "trailer" for the 2013 Orion Music Festival and More below.