According to, Vridsløselille State Prison was built in 1959, and is found in a Copenhagen suburb.

It once housed the worst of the worst: serial killers, rapists and mass murderers.

So of course it should serve as a dandy concert venue after closing it's doors in 2006 (I'd like to believe it was due to lack of business).

Metallica, in an effort to keep it metal, have announced they will play a show at the prison in June of 2012. It's estimated the "venue" will hold 40,000 concert goers.

That's not to say this is a fine idea: the last time the boys went into the big house was when they shot the video for the title track to St. Anger at San Quentin State Prison in 2003.

St. Anger is considered to be the absolute worst 'Tallica effort this side the recent Lou Reed collaboration Lulu.

The band says they plan to perform 1991's Black Album in it's entirety.

At least this time we know the music is guaranteed to be great.