ESPN has had some really funny SportsCenter promos in the past, and now they've tapped Metallica for their latest ad. 

The new ESPN SportsCenter ad focuses on Metallica being all bummed out and not knowing what to do now that Mariano Rivera is retired.

They're looking for players who want to use their songs as walk up music. Funnily enough, John Rauch, former pitcher for the Minnesota Twins used to use Wherever I May Roam when he would walk up to the mound; as if his enormous size (he's 6' 11") and neck tattoo weren't intimidating enough, they had a really cool video they put together and then they had him running from center field, past all of the opposing players and out to the mound.

They approach John Daly and are rejected because, "You guys know this -- this is for golf, right?" Kirk Hammet even tries to offer free guitar lessons in the break room. And, yes, that phone number does work. It's 860-786-4124.

I'm sure Metallica will find something to do. They're San Francisco Giants fans, anyway.